A game about sex slavery.

A Moment Free from Darkness is an avant-garde transmedia game about a fictional girl sold into sex slavery, presenting a challenging, engaging experience that deals with heartbreakingly dark and raw content. The game comprises a cycle of subjective experiences in the main character’s day ranging from hopeful to horrific. It has four acts played sequentially on four platforms: Mobile, Desktop, VR, and Apple Watch. The first three acts increase in immersion and intensity while the final act is the least immersive allowing the player to recenter collecting her thoughts.


Please click each act below for its download and gameplay instructions.


Act 1: Color Secrets

Description: the game begins with you looking down at your fingernails imagining them colorful. You are centered, content, focused.

Instructions: tap your fingernails to start and stop their rainbow colors scrolling. There is no way to win so just enjoy and zone into yourself.

Platform: this act is played on an Android mobile device and uses tap input to evoke casual gameplay and lighthearted immersion.

Download Act 1: Android phone users can download the 21mb apk here. If you need instructions for installing apps outside of the Google Play store please refer to this tutorial.

Act 2: Bitter Gaze

Description : you have looked up from your nails and see the street before you radiant with color. People stare at you with a piercing, disturbing gaze.

Instructions :  click and drag on people’s heads to make them look away.

Platform : this act is played on any Windows PC and uses mouse input to evoke more immersion and more precise contro than Act 1.

Download Act 2: PC users can download the 30mb exe here.

Act 3: ...

Description: one of the men on the street has paid to have sex with you. you have walked him back to your room and are alone with him now and he is on top of you.

Instructions: gaze into the window, fan, or other things while avoiding the rapist’s gaze. No matter where you look eventually the world rotates so you are facing the rapist. Stare at the rapist to confront the situation and sense the world melt in disgust.

Platform: this act is played using head-mounted VR to evoke the most immersion in the game while you have the least amount of situational control.

Download Act 3: played using the Oculus Rift 2. The only input is your head rotation. PC users can download the 24mb exe here (recommended 2GB Dedicated Graphics Card or better). If you do not have access to an Oculus Rift 2 here is a desktop version of Act 3 (use mouse to rotate head).

Act 4: Gentle Threads

Description : you’re back outside and looking down at the hem of your dress because you love the threads. you’re holding on and trying to calm yourself by straightening the cool threads.

Instructions : slowly turn the crown on the Apple Watch to straighten the threads.

Platform : this act is played on the Apple Watch to evoke the least immersion and a cool snap back to reality which makes you want to focus on small gentle continuous actions.

Download Act 4: Apple Watch users can get it in App Store here. The only input is crown turning. If you're a festival juror without an Apple Watch please email bschrank@gmail.com to borrow one!


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